Scaling Smart Solutions with AI in Health: Unlocking Impact on High-Potential Use Cases.
Here is the link to the report:

The World Economic Forum released an insightful report on the future of AI in healthcare. The report highlights the current and future challenges in healthcare that create opportunities for the benefits of AI:
– The vast amount of available data within the healthcare ecosystem.
– The fiscal challenges healthcare providers are facing, compounded by the worsening shortage of healthcare professionals today and into the future. 
– The technological fit of AI within the healthcare industry by providing predictive models to define care protocols and improve outcomes, predict human behavior that may have a negative impact on health, and provide fundamental AI models for diagnostics or therapy/drug discovery.

The report also highlights numerous use case categories within the following themes:
– Patient-centric: diagnostics, treatment, education, and patient compliance
– Population-centric – provider operations efficiency, population health, community epidemiology, and effective
care delivery (such as robotic-assisted surgery)
– Therapeutics and product-centric – Drug discovery and research, clinical trial management

The report also identifies common barriers to its adoption including:
– Low public trust in AI solutions for highly personal and critical health implications
 – Highly variable and often inadequate technological infrastructure across patient populations 
– Insufficient accessibility of high-quality data due to privacy concerns, and inconsistent data collection/formatting

The report ends with a call to action for government and organizations across all sectors (Technology, Life Science/Med-tech, Providers, and Payers) to:
– Collaborate in securing a strong foundation of data,
– Design AI with adoption in mind
– Create partnerships to build scale.