Our Services

KG+I prioritizes innovation in both results and processes. We are both focused on innovating processes and methods to optimize inspiration and creativity. Our objective is to generate actionable strategies and offerings that create measurable results for your business.

KG+I generates growth and innovation strategy for visionary organizations using foresight, insight, and user research in a customer-centered design thinking process.

Our Services

We Offer Complete Strategy and Innovation Programs as well as Ad-Hoc Services

Strategy and Innovation Programs

Future Product, Brand, and Business Strategies (5 to 20-Year Horizon Focus)

Future Product, Brand, and Business Strategies programs provide organizations with a long-horizon strategic plan. We work closely with the client organization to cultivate a forward-thinking culture and strategy based on thoroughly researched foresight. The process includes the generation of future scenario narratives to inform the ideation of future product and service opportunities. Opportunities are evaluated by “Prediction Market Quantitative Research” to identify those with the highest likelihood of success.

Breakthrough Innovation Programs (1 to 5-Year Horizon Focus)

Breakthrough innovation focuses on uncovering market opportunities to satisfy customer needs within 5 years. Deep qualitative research and “unmet needs segmentation” is used to identify customer segments that have unmet needs that are not satisfied by current offerings. New product and service concepts are ideated, then refined and optimized in consumer co-creation “Design Sprints.” Promising concepts are quantitatively evaluated to help prioritize new product development projects.

Next Generation Offer Strategy and Opportunities

Next-generation offer strategy focuses on evolving existing offers and technology in fast-moving consumer goods forward to modernize the current products and brands. For efficiency, we integrate in-home research with consumer co-creation ideation to generate a broad portfolio of new opportunity concepts. We then prioritize the ideas that meet the needs of the client and their channel partners. The remaining concepts are rapidly evaluated in a quantitative purchase intent study.

Ongoing Development Concept Evaluation and Optimization

We collaborate with global automotive OEMs, medical technology developers, and companies with long product development cycles, to evaluate and optimize product concepts during the design and development process. Through contextual and immersive moderation techniques,we understand the customer’s functional, emotional, and rational perspective of the product concept. We evaluate and optimize the value proposition, product function, and user experience, and provide recommendations for refinement and marketing strategy.

Consulting Programs:

Brand Development and Strategy

Foresight and Scenario Planning

Cultural Research and Semiotics

Ad-Hoc Services:

Qualitative Research

  • In-depth One on One Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Consumer Design/Ideation Sprints
  • Consumer Concept Optimization
  • Design Meaning and Sensorial Explorations
  • Ethnography/Observation/Online Ethnography
  • On-line Communities
  • Diary and Journal Studies
  • Shopping Observation
  • Key Opinion Leader Panels

Quantitative Research

  • Market Segmentation
  • Concept Testing
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Data Mining